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The Many Careers For An Audio Video Expert

With the ways we consume media such as video and audio always growing and advancing alongside technology, the need for audio video experts is greater than ever. Audio video experts can be employed in a number of positions, from experts on hearing aid development to low voltage contractors and AV design specialists.

Audio video experts in the field of creating new ways for people to enjoy music and video are in a profitable field, as more than three hundred million headsets were sold in 2016 alone, an increase from the two hundred and thirty six million headphones and headsets that were sold in 2013. Bluetooth speakers have also increased in popularity, with sales topping more than thirty million units in 2016, again marking an increase from 2013, when nine million units were sold. Audio video experts working in these fields work for a profitable industry, making more than 120 billion dollars total in 2016.

Audio video experts can also become employed as an AV design technician for an audio video company. These audio video companies can work at all types of presentations, providing companies with new and innovative ways to convey important information. These audio video experts can give presenters at companies important advice, like how to limit the time of an audio visual presentation – it should not be longer than fifteen slides and should last no more than fifteen minutes. The shorter and more impactful the presentation is, the better.

Presenting with both audio and visual components has been found to be one of the most effective ways to get information across. Recent research has shown that viewers of a presentation typically retain at least ten percent of what they heard in a purely audio presentation and just over thirty percent of a purely visual presentation. When the visual and the audio were combined together in a presentation, it was found that more than sixty percent of the presentation was retained by the average viewer, leading to the conclusion that audio and visual components work best for retention when they are used together. This has also led to a greater long term retention, particularly in the case of work presentations. When audio and visual were used together, employees were much more likely to remember important concepts from the presentation up to three days later, marking an improvement from presentations that had incorporated either audio or visual alone.

For audio visual experts, there are many worth wile career paths to embark upon, as the need for audio visual experts has grown with the increase of technology in recent years. As technology and our ways of engaging with and retaining information continue to grow and change, the need for audio visual experts is likely to grow alongside it. Audio visual experts provide what is necessary and what is wanted in the world of engaging with media in terms of both music and video (and sometimes, in the case of music videos, both).

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